Twelfth Night. New Year’s Eve.


Seems somebody finally caught that Gingerbread Man after all.

The end of the old year, the beginning of the new. I wanted to post something real quick on Yuletide today to talk about  show off some of the traditions – both new and slightly-less new – that we’ve been taken to practicing around here this winter. 

As the wife and I have over the last three years, we celebrated the Rural Dionysia around the middle of the month with a procession of phalli, the watching of comedies (this year was an Arrested Development marathon), the drinking of wine, and the exchanging of presents. That last activity has become a tradition for us since our first celebration of the holiday together three years ago when we were still dating and living in different cities.

A continuing tradition of ours from last year (the first Yuletide we were living together) is the hanging of sacrifices to Oðinn upon the Yule Tree. Based off of an account by Adam of Bremen, whether it’s strictly true or not, the imagery has been with me for years. So, this year – like last year – we hung gingerbread sacrifices. While last year we just said a simple prayer and hung the offerings on nine of the Twelve Nights. Myself veering more toward the love of structure (“morphophilia”? No…that doesn’t sound right…) I decided to come up with a series of brief devotionals for each of the Twelve Nights of Yule, including sacrifices to the Old Man on nine of them. Having worked through eleven of the twelve, thus far the wife and I have been pleased. We had to be flexible on one or two nights due to geography and timing (we traveled back to Columbus on Christmas Eve to be with my family, thus couldn’t really do the devotionals as originally planned; but we made it work), but beyond those snags it’s been a good run. It’s safe to say that we plan on continuing the tradition next year, as well.


A winter home for our house-wight

A completely new tradition we did this year was making a gingerbread house for our resident house-wight. We picked up a kit at our local grocery store, put it together one night, and then set it on top of our hearth after saying a few prayers and making an offering. It looks really nice and it’s a fun way to spend some time together, as well as honoring the spirits of house and home.

Tonight we also have our New Year’s Eve party, another tradition started last year. So, that means I have to wrap up here and go help before my loving wife yells at me.

Merry Yuletide to All, and a Happy New Year!


Those poor guys never had a chance.

Those poor guys never had a chance.


~ by crow365 on December 31, 2012.

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