A Fable

Before the Beginning and after the End, there is the Void.

Words cannot describe it, concepts cannot contain it; it is infinite and ineffable. If words can come close to describing it, the Void would be called “Awareness”, but even that is inherently lacking. The Void of Awareness is ageless; it was before the Cosmos exploded into being and it will be after the last star dies. It is the Unborn and the Undying, the Uncreated and the Undestroyed; it is the Alpha and the Omega; it is the 10,000 Things, their Source, and their Ultimate Destination.

For eons upon eons, the Void was all that there was – and, verily, it remains all that truly exists in any concrete sense. But the Void grew bored and lonely, if such limited concepts can come close to describing the infinite, and it decided to play a game: a game of forgetting and Dreaming.

The first Dream filled the Void of Awareness with an infinity of thoughts, emotions, concepts, and other ephemera. And the Void delighted in these constantly fluxing dreams and nightmares, surfacing every-so-often from the sea of forgetfulness to realize that they were dreams to be delighted in, no matter how cruel, sadistic, and painful they might be at times.

After an eternity, though, parts of the Void that were unaware of their true nature beyond the Dream desired something more stable, something less ephemeral. And so was born the gross realm of matter, interpenetrating the subtle realm of dreams and spirit. In actuality, the gross realm was just as ephemeral as the subtle realm, but as with all dreams, while the Void was caught in the grips of the Dream, that realm was more concrete, more stable. Just as infinite variety had blossomed when the subtle realm had arisen within the Void of Awareness, so did that when the gross realm arose, as well.

And the Void – the Dreamer, as it were, of this infinite, endless Grand Dream – danced in these infinitely variegated dreams: exalting in lifetimes as kings and emperors; knowing the servility and submissiveness of enslavement; tasting the divinity of being a god and knowing the fleeting beauty of being mortal; delighting in both sadism and compassion equally. And at times, the Dreamer would Awaken with the midst of the Dream and remember that it was the Void and that what it experienced – the subjective nature of the Dreamer, the objective relation to that which was Dreamed, and the narrative flow and coherent whole of the Dream – was nothing more or less than itself. Sometimes, after these moments, the Dreamer would despair that the Dream was not the eternal, changeless ground of the Void, that the Dream was to be reviled as illusion; at other time it would view the Dream as the only holy thing in existence. Both were right in their own, limited ways.

In the best moments, the Dreamer would remember that the illusion of the Dream was the reality of the Void, that there was no separating the two, since the Dream was a manifestation of the Void of Awareness within Itself. That while lucidity and remembrance – along with the expansive self-knowledge that they engendered – were important, enlightenment as an escape from the Dream was pointless: eventually, it would feel the cold loneliness of the Void and sink back into the Dream once more.

The cycle of Dreaming and Waking repeating endlessly. Because:

Before the Beginning and after the End, there is the Void.


~ by crow365 on July 27, 2011.

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